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ABOUT Waggoner Photography


My name is Andy Waggoner and I strive for nothing more than to capture beauty.  My hope is that my eyes do their best to see the perfection in everything they gaze upon.  It’s my job to show you what I see.

I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, but professional for five years.  I took a serious interest in portraits when I managed to swing a job in a small popular studio.  It was there I learned trade secrets to the art of photography.  I was capable of an artistic freedom that helped me figure out who I am as a photographer.  I learned my style.  I was taught posing to a perfection and angles to an art, but it meant nothing unless my eyes could see the bigger picture...literally

After a year in the studio, I switched to a larger company as a traveling photographer.  I worked mainly with children in daycares five and under.  It was during this long duration at this company I realized how to get an amazing look from a kid without even trying.  I knew that if I could get a two year old to pose and smile, working with adults would be a piece of cake!

Since that time I have worked my way up in that company and still do photography for them today.  Although they are my focus now, my freelance work has always been my passion.  Whether its working with a new born child, or a elderly couple, the feeling of taking a great picture never seems to let me down.  My freelance career spans from local CD covers, weddings, senior and family pictures, and even pet pictures. 

My plans for the future are to just have fun and capture the beauty in every aspect of life...live a good life with some great portraits to prove it!






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